Leeds has almost 60,000 people (12%) adults of working age who are unemployed or economically inactive but want a job (this figure is above the national average). So despite the many effective employment initiatives undertaken by public and private sectors over time, there is still a significant group to help into employment. This support is especially needed for those furthest from being ‘work ready’.

Barriers to being ‘work ready’ include having learning or physical disabilities, mental health issues, lack of opportunities, a criminal record, or lack of a credible employment history. All these can prevent an individual getting onto the first step of the employment ladder.

Leeds Community Foundation launched an employability partnership which aims to support Third Sector groups working with those furthest from the labour market, as well as giving business opportunities to engage with this work. The partnership also wants to help employers consider how they could become more inclusive in their recruitment and see the tangible benefits that doing so can bring.

If you are interested in supporting Third Sector Groups working with those far the workplace then you can do so here. Or if you want to find out more about the partnership, or have other questions, you can get in touch here. 

“Employment is the cornerstone of stability in our lives. It’s not just about giving one person a well-paid, rewarding job; it’s about investing in local families and communities and, in many instances, is life-changing.”
James Bailey, Hammerson, Victoria Leeds